I really do feel bad for what's going on in Canada.

We're lucky in Maine. We certainly have our fair share of brush fires and fields that burn up, but in my lifetime we've never seen the kind of destruction like they have in California or what they're currently experiencing in parts of Canada. Add it to the list of bad things that happen in other places, that we don't see nearly as much of.

Satellite view of a hurricane in the ocean on Earth

What we see is usually the side effects of these disasters. Sometimes we'll see the tail end of a hurricane or something, but not usually the big storm. And in the case of Canada's wildfires, we usually see the smoke in our sky a bit. It was definitely the case earlier this spring. So why aren't we being affected right now?

Believe it or not, Mother Nature is actually doing us a solid.

It's hardly ever the case, but right now the rain is what's helping us out the most. According to News Center Maine, the rainy weather is causing an "upper-low" and wreaking havoc in the jet stream. So it's basically creating a wall of sorts, and is pushing the smoke back. Our neighbors in Southern New England are suffering, but we're literally clear as a bell.

Photo by Tegan Mierle on Unsplash
Photo by Tegan Mierle on Unsplash

If you look at a weather map of New York and Pennsylvania, they're getting absolutely pummeled with smoke from the fires. Some of the photos I've seen on social media show NYC looking like a horror movie. The whole city is orange. It's bizarre. The photo above is actually San Francisco, but it perfectly mimics the photos of NYC I've seen.

We won't be able to hold out forever. The weather patterns will inevitably shift and some of the smoke will start to penetrate Maine. When it finally happens, we will likely also experience some of the hazy skies and poor air quality that's going along down south right now. But hey... Just once, Mother Nature actually helped us out for a change.

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