The Maine banana split record was smashed on Father's Day!


The old Maine record was set last year at 60 feet long in 11 minutes in Portland. That record was smashed when Saco Main Street organized the building of a banana split that was twice the length!

Saco Main Street

120 feet and 3 inches! It was made official by Saco's Mayor Bill Doyle and Gov. Janet Mills. When the madness ended there were 161 complete banana splits. It took just over 10 minutes to build. It was the most frenzied exciting 10 minutes ever! There was chocolate sauce flying and cherries everywhere!

Saco Main Street

Once it was officially measured, it was time to eat 160 banana splits! And eat they did! There were so many volunteers to build. Ice cream scoopers (that was the hardest gig!), banana placers, sauce pourers, whip cream creamers, cherry toppers and sprinkle sprinklers!

It was all to celebrate The Saco Scoop's 3rd birthday. The Saco Scoop is a community ice cream shop owned by Saco Maine Street: a non-profit that helps make downtown Saco a more vibrant place to work and live. Think of The Saco Scoop as a bake sale that never ends!

Saco Main Street

What will they attempt next year? 240-foot long banana split. Saco Main Street's 10-year plan is to break the world record. Ready? It's over 4 miles long! Bring. It. On!



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