Full disclosure: I stayed up until 2:30am this morning watching videos on Mike Fink's Guitar Grave YouTube channel. Yup, they're that good! (We've featured Mike's videos here before, but it's always funny to go back and watch the old ones alongside the new.)

See Mike's new videos below...

Mike operates a local pawn shop here in Portland, and has several security cameras (with audio) placed around the store. The encounters he has with his customers are pretty priceless, which is ironic... being in a pawn shop.

From criminals trying to hawk bad merch (and getting caught), to people who can't figure out how to turn on a PlayStation... you'll see just about everything in these skillfully edited videos. Each video is an "episode" in the ongoing series... and they all have a theme. It's almost like reality TV, but it's better, because it's right here in Maine.

One video that recently went viral featured a known scammer who came into the shop looking to rip off Mike and the staff. It didn't go well.

I think the description on Mike's YouTube channel says it all:

Marvel at the wacky antics of our customers at Guitar Grave in beautiful downtown Portland, Maine. These are not actors. These are actual every day customers you can meet at the pawn shop. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll shake your head and wonder why. Mike Fink, Pawnbroker, Notary Public, owner of Guitar Grave at 441 Congress St and I approve this message."

And aside from creating these wicked funny videos, Mike's a really good guy. He was featured on local news several years ago after he stalled thieves in the shop, giving police time to arrive and catch the people who stole thousands of dollars of musical equipment from a church in Portland. Yes... they went from the scene of the crime to the pawn shop, hoping to cash in.

For more "Tales from the Grave," check out the Guitar Grave website and their YouTube channel. Cheers!

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