There is a wiry, sleek cat at the SPCA of Hancock County who loves to play!

His fur is shiny and white with patches of creamsicle orange. His eyes are green and alert, and you can almost see the mischief brewing in his mind when you watch him.

He’s very attentive to his surroundings. He may sleep all afternoon, but all it takes is the jingle of a toy to transform him from a sunlit puddle on the floor to a stalking, pouncing jaguar. His name is Rusty.

Rusty is 12 years old, but as you can tell from his description above, he’s still full of life! He gets along well with other cats, and we think he could live with a dog, too.

Rusty keeps being overlooked for his age, but we see him as a healthy, active cat who’s just looking for a place he can bird watch all day and zoom around the house chasing jingle toys at three in the morning.

More photos and a video of Rusty playing can be found HERE!

The SPCA of Hancock County is a no-kill facility, and currently has many cats and dogs available for adoption.  It’s located at 141 Bar Harbor Road in Trenton.  It’s open , Thursdays through Sundays between 11 AM – 5 PM.

Call them at call at 667-8088! Email them at  Follow them on Facebook and check out the website too!

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