You will never watch the news the same...


Lee Nelson is a handsome man. He's been on our TV's in Maine since 1990. He is married to Cindy Williams and right now, women throughout Maine are extremely jealous of her.

Lee just joined Port City Models and Talent Inc. This was the announcement on their Facebook page.

Holy hotness Lee! I have some advice for News Center Maine. Want great ratings? Let Lee wear whatever he wants! I don't know how old Lee is, but he is 'seasoned' to say the least. I think I need to go to the gym more. I can't wait to see the other anchors try and keep up. Come on Goldberg (another Lee at News Center Maine) looks like you need to hit the gym and let us see what you look like shirtless!
Congratulations are one handsome dude who is going to be very busy!



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