They mystify us, and also scare the heck out of us!  You'll be able to find out everything about them in a brand new exhibit coming to Portland!

The Portland Science Center has announced an exhibition that "you can really sink your teeth into",  "Planet Shark: Predator Or Prey!"

Just like last year's Titanic exhibit, organizers promise interactive and educational aspects of the show that will fill you with both fear and fascination!

A press release from the Portland Science Center says that both young and old can expect:

  • Full-scale shark models cast from real animals
  • A collection of extremely rare fossils up to 370 million years old, plus real shark jaws and teeth
  • Actual shark cages visitors can enter plus authentic artifacts
  • Incredible stories of human/shark encounters
  • Detailed examinations of the shark’s amazing anatomy, biology, hunting strategies and sensory systems
  • Information on shark satellite tagging programs and conservation efforts
  • Interactive, educational displays and entertaining hands-on experiences

The show opens to the public Saturday, February 3rd. For ticket and other  information go HERE!  Appropriately enough, The Portland Science Center is located on the waterfront at 68 Commercial Street, and provides over 15,000 square feet of exhibit space.

Courtesy photo via Portland Science Center
Courtesy photo via Portland Science Center

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