I have only seen Puffing once in my life on a Bar Harbor Whale Watch.  They are so cute and surprisingly small. Such pretty birds and such good parents.

This video from MyWildlifeVideos was posted on May 22nd. It takes a puffin egg 39-43 days to hatch so these puffins may still be incubating this egg. They'll take turns keeping the egg warm and safe from predators until the little puff hatches. One will stay at the nest while the other hunts for food.

Fascinating creatures. According to Project Puffin, they are only about 10 inches tall and weigh the same as a soda can. They are usually about 5 years old before they chose a mate and reproduce. A puffin can live up to 20 years.

Here in Maine not far from Boothbay Harbor  on the Seal Island Wildlife Refuge is where you can see a live Puffin Cam (below) view of their life and times.

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