When I was a kid I had a standard collie as a pet that according to my mom was importing hair from somewhere because "No dog could shed that much!" Well Mr. Prince has been gone for many years now. He was a wonderful smart dog and I would have loved to have had something wearable to always remember him by made from all that shed hair. Unfortunately it is too late for us but perhaps not for you.

photo courtesy knit your dog
photo courtesy knit your dog

There's a new way for dog lovers to always stay close to their beloved pet. Knit Your Dog whose motto is "Shed Happens" makes custom sweaters, gloves, scarves, ponchos and more from the fur of man's best friend.

The Knit Your Dog creator said that the fur gets washed multiple times in the process so that it is completely rid of any smell of one's pup before being turned into a fluffy accessory.

The makers say it is the longer-haired, rough-coated breeds of dogs whose fur make the best wool, including the Chow Chow, Golden Retriever, Samoyed, Bernese and Pekingese. If their undercoat is long enough, the hair of Huskies and Malamutes can be used as well.

Of course this begs the question can you do the same with fur from a long haired cat??  According to the webpage Jumaka the answer is yes.

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