Now this lobster is a rare bird. The post says the chances of seeing a calico lobster is one in 30 million.

It certainly has been a year of interesting lobster finds off the coast of Maine. From pearly or white to bright red and now this amazingly and beautiful find. This calico lobster was fetched from the sea by the folks at Scarborough Lobster .  The lobster Institute says finding him/her was like hitting the lobster lottery as only 1 in 30 million are said to exist. NECN reports that the company is looking into their options with the crustacean they are calling 'Friendly Krueger" in honor of its Halloween look and timing. As of Monday, a few options for the lobster had been considered, including selling Krueger to the highest bidder or donating it to the University of New England to put on display.

Well whatever happens to this new media darling there is no denying he/she sure is pretty.

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