Earlier this week, we brought you the story of Sherri Sawyer and her desk.

Sawyer was visiting her parents on September 1st when she learned that the desk her dad had built when she was a young girl, the desk with great sentimental value, which was promised to be passed down to her once her folks were no longer living, had been accidentally sold that day with a load of things that were being cleaned out of a workshop. And her parents didn't know the identity of the person who bought it.

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Understandably, Sawyer was devastated. She took to social media, in desperation, to see if anyone had a lead as to who it was who might have picked up her beloved desk. She was offering to double the purchase price to get it back.

For almost a week, Sawyer struck out. That is until word finally reached the person who purchased the desk.

"I'm getting the desk back! He saw me on the news! He reached out. They live in Winterport"

Sawyer was ecstatic!

"I have it back and that is what matters."

Heirloom Desk 1, Sherri Sawyer
Heirloom Desk 1, Sherri Sawyer

She's taken pictures of the desk now, which she was frustrated she didn't have from before, to help in the effort to locate it.

Heirloom Desk 2, Sherri Sawyer
Heirloom Desk 2, Sherri Sawyer

Sawyer says she will put the desk safely inside her house now and says she is "so happy to have it back. "

Kudos to the buyer for being decent and doing the right thing. Thanks to all who helped spread the word.

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