Let's be real. Driving a car sucks.

I mean, I like getting where I need to go, but half the time, there are as many stupid driving laws as there are ones that actually make sense. It even goes back as far as the test itself. Like, I get parallel parking, but why do you need to back up 100 feet in a straight line? And how come they never teach you to back into a parking space?

Now there's a reasonable thing to learn about driving a car. But again, some of the laws are kinda dumb. Like no passing in the right lane on the interstate. Sure, people do it all the time, but it's technically illegal. In other states it's fine, but not here. But if you're doing the speed limit or lower in the passing lane, you deserve it.

And why all the laws about red lights and turns?

Ok, I totally get why red lights exist, haha. But there are different things you can and can't do at all of them. For instance, you can take a right on red, unless of course there's a sign that says you can't. If you come up on a blinking red light, you have to stop, but then you can go. But what about the red arrow?

The red arrow is causing debate down in Westbrook because a lot of people think that a red arrow has the same rules as a solid red light, but noooo. The Westbrook PD put out a post letting folks know the deal. But it's not any kind of city ordinance, this rule is true for all of Maine.

The law states clearly, that a light with a red arrow means a complete stop and wait for a green arrow. the wording is pretty specific:

Maine Law (Title 29-A, Section 2057) states, ...a red light, if a steady arrow, means the operator may not enter the intersection to make the movement indicated by that arrow.

I personally would've assumed it was just like a regular red light, but It ain't. In fact, you'd potentially be up for a ticket like you would for running any other red light. So keep your eyes open... and your foot off the gas.


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