A few years back, the city of Bangor installed a rotary near the Bangor International Airport that I use frequently, so I've seen some really interesting moves. Still, after seeing this guy I've decided I need to give those folks some slack.

Seriously, I've seen some really dumb moves in that rotary.  Dumb Thing1: People who stop at the yield sign. Dumb Thing 2 (and my personal favorite): People who stop in the middle of the rotary to let others in. Polite, but dumb.

Still, they all seem like Mensa candidates compared to this poor driver caught on video in Augusta on the 3rd of July. Seriously, you'd think the arrows on the road all pointing in the opposite direction might have yielded a clue that something wasn't quite right.

However, you do have to admire his commitment given that when the videographer makes the complete circle, there he is still going in the wrong direction.

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