Maine still has two ways to purchase cannabis.

No, I'm not talking about the black market. Although, I'm sure that still exists here in Maine. But generally speaking, there are two options for legally purchasing cannabis. You can go to a recreational dispensary, or you can go to a medical dispensary. The latter of which still requires a certification card from the state.

In the recreational realm, there's a pretty steep tax on the purchase of cannabis products... To the tune of 10%. For medical customers however, the tax is only 5.5%. It's a bit more for edibles. And while medical cannabis is often priced cheaper than the recreational products, there's some talk that the state shouldn't recoup any taxes off the sale of medical cannabis. The idea is getting closer to reality.

There's a bipartisan call to treat it like any other medicine.

There's a bill at the state level right now that has passed the Maine Senate, and is headed to the House. It already passed narrowly in the House, but it will be voted on again. If it passes, it will then head to Gov. Mills desk. It's not out of the woods yet, but it looks pretty good for it's passage.

Depending on the amount you buy, this could be a decent bit of savings for those that are still carrying med cards in Maine. Per ounce, that could save another $10 on average. Medical cannabis in Maine is already priced considerably lower than recreational, so the state won't be giving up much. especially since the recreational market alone generates almost $200 million a year in sales.

The new bill still has a few more hurdles, but it's looking good. And for a product that is necessary medicine for some, this will help out a little more even. We'll keep you posted to see if it finally goes all the way.

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