Carlos Santana is one of the most interesting people I've ever talked to.

Honestly, despite my job, I haven't really interviewed a whole lot of famous people. The few I have were wonderful, down-to-earth folks who I had a nice chat with. But when someone offers you a chance to speak with an actual living legend of the music business, it takes on a whole different meaning.

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So when the opportunity arose to speak to Carlos Santana, who's coming to the Maine Savings Amphitheater in Bangor next week, I was immediately intimidated. This isn't like speaking to the third lead singer of a band in the twilight of their career. This is a living legend who's as active today as he ever has been.

I could listen to that man talk... All. Day. Long.

As you'll hear in the interview below, Carlos has a deep spiritual connection to his music. You can tell for him it's about tapping into the divine energy of the universe to bring immense joy to whoever is around to soak it all in. In the same breath, he compared the ecstasy of being onstage to being in church... Or having really good sex. Because either way, when it's over you say, "Oh my God..."

Carlos Santana And Buika Hold Listening Event For "Africa Speaks" Album
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But for real, he's an amazing man. And perhaps one of the most humble musicians I've ever spoken to. As many times as I thanked him for his time, he made sure to say how gracious we were for calling him, and then he blessed me and my family. So say what you want... Carlos Santana blessed me and my family today. I might as well retire now.

Check out the full interview below...

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