Today we're wondering, as long as feelings or space aren't the issue... Do you and your partner sleep in separate bedrooms, or snuggle the night away, and would never part at night?

JStew: Hmmm... From time to time, KStew and I have had this discussion. Not because I don't like sharing a bed with my wife, but A) I keep really odd hours... getting up at 3:15am every morning doesn't do much for sleeping. B) I have awful sinus issues and barely sleep through the night anyway. And if there's one thing I can't stand the sound of, it's someone blissfully sleeping beside me, while I lie awake wishing I was asleep. All it does is wake me up even more. So far, we've kept on going, but I also feel like we're not supposed to be one of those 1950's TV old couples in separate twin beds. So my final verdict is: Not yet, but maybe someday?

Cori: I always though the concept of a married couple sleeping in separate beds was an odd one. And for the 12+ years I was married, I couldn't imagine sleeping apart from my husband. (Apparently he didn't share that idea on many levels, and thus, he is now an ex.) When he left, the thing I was most nervous about was sleeping on my own, because I was so used to the company. It was a silly thing to worry about, apparently, because with 4 kids (3 of them 10 and under) there's usually someone else in the bed at the end of the night. And after many years in the house, my stuff has spread out and taken over, so there's really no room for anyone else to share this space at the moment. So I'm okay with the idea of separate rooms! Plus, when you get up as early as I do, I'd feel terrible waking someone else up at such an ungodly hour. So I guess it's all worked out for the best!

Your answers were pretty much like we expected in some ways. And then others were still still surprising. Let's look....

Dennis Bean Yes i would....Apparently as we get older....sleep is more importanterr..than..."Well.... sharring a bed...?????" (Dennis also shared a ton of memes that we can't because, you know, copyright laws)
Bobbie Lindsey Absolutely! Hell I would live in a different house.
Nikki Johnson I’ve been sleeping alone for 4 way to go, lol
Furrøw Wøød Depends On What Was Eaten That Night ....
Jennifer Roy I sleep separately from my husband it started because he worked nights and I worked days but now it’s because he snores horribly.
Greg Miller If I had a s/o it would depend, but I do like my space. And my 20 pound dog would have to be okay with it if the s/o wanted to spend the night.
Paul Rooney Nope
Aisling Doucette My husband and I were just talking about this lol. We said we can’t imagine doing it but in later years it might happen who knows.
Jackie Batchelder Nope.
Mary Klein Drouin My husband snores and it keeps me awake.
Kari Jo Davis No,I like knowing he's there.
Veronica Chapman Depends on our situations, there could be health problems that make this better for one. But if there are no health problems then I wouldn’t want to no!


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