In all my years on this mortal coil, I have never personally seen snow in the month of May. Never. Not to say someone else hasn't, but I've always considered May 1st to be when there is absolutely no snow left. Sure, up in the county and such, they probably still have some, but here in the Bangor area.

But sure enough, I thought I saw some bull crap about snow on someone else's Facebook page, so I glanced at my weather app on my phone, and there it was. I may have sworn out loud a bit (a lot) and decided I'd also check to see what WABI - TV5 had to say, and I saw the same horse hockey that I saw on my phone.

At this point, I don't dare to make an assumption, or even crack a joke, as to what this weather may bring. I feel like all bets are off in every direction for 2020. I mean, seriously. At this point, another random 16 inches of snow in back yard wouldn't surprise me, during this dumpster fire of a year so far.

That said, the temps are going to be very mild, approaching the freezing mark, but it looks to stay mostly rain. Accumulations will be almost nothing, but the fact is, you may wake up Saturday morning and see a layer of flakes on your front steps. Just thinking about it makes me want to run screaming into the night.

And on the off-chance we get another Snowmageddon like last time, grab some inspiration from below to kill some time.


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