I guarantee you've seen this going around on Facebook especially. the sentiment is in the right place, people want to honor the high school senior class of 2020, by sharing their own senior pictures. Since 2020 seniors likely won't be having any kind of traditional graduation, folks wanted to show their support.

But, of course, hackers are taking advantage of this already. Who knows, they may have even begun the process. But posting your senior photo, and talking about the year you graduated and from where, gives hackers a ton of info that they can manipulate to either steal your identity, or use to trick you into making yours vulnerable.

According to WABI - TV5, the Better Business Bureau is urging people not to participate in these kinds of activities. Of course it's tempting. Especially in these crazy times where people are going to slightly farther extremes to feel like they're helping. But here's a few things you can do...

Like I was just saying, resist the desire to play along. Just hover the button, don't push it, and move on. Your identity may depend on it. Definitely remember to check your profile and privacy settings. Check to see who can see your posts and photos. And lastly, change your password more often. This will keep hackers guessing.

Really, there's no rocket science here. You know what to do. The biggest thing however, is to just not play along. It won't make you a bad person. Sure, we all wanna be part of the gang, but sometimes it's a bad gang you're accidentally exposing yourself to. Nobody wants that!!

Tighten up your online presence. Hackers are everywhere, and they're not taking time off because of the virus. If anything, they're going to double down and make it worse. they're trying to get people's stimulus checks, tax returns, and anything else they can get their hands on. So be careful out there in cyberland!!!

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