Two sharks came out of the blue and mysteriously appeared at the crossroads in Ellsworth Saturday, and they had a razor sharp message for us all.

After asking around town, no one knew who these two sharks were or where exactly they came from, but after watching them for awhile as they stood on the corner where High Street meets up with Main, it was easy to see that their humorous message was appreciated by the amount of horns honking and the pictures that were taken by passersby.

One shark held a sign that read "COVID BITES", while the other flipped their sign over to say "PROTECT YOURSELF WEAR A SHARK SUIT."

During the short time that they were there, we watched as one woman and her young son ran across Main Street to ask for a photo.  As her son stood between the two apparently friendly man eaters, the mother thanked them both for adding humor to the very serious situation that we currently all face.

Then, like any fish out of water, the two sharks magically turned their fins towards us and disappeared as quickly as they came, although somehow leaving behind a feeling of optimism and hope for all who reside in Downeast Maine.

Will we ever see them again? Only time will tell. But, here's hoping that they'll be there one more for us because we all need a laugh nowadays. Even if it's from a couple of land sharks.

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