So I get it you love your dog but you hate the shedding.  Still, is dressing him or her up like an Olympic Speed Skater the answer?

According to Shed Defender the answer is yes. This unitard for dogs is made to be worn around the house or in the car. The creator assures us it isn't hot for the dog and in cold weather they like it.  Oh but it doesn't stop there.  this outfit unzips in all the right places to let you pooch...well you know.  In fact the companies webpage says the suit will:

  • Keep dog hair and dander out of your car and house.
  • Protect against cold weather.
  • Reduce exposure to allergens.
  • Keep your dog clean.
  • Protect dogs with skin diseases and allergies.
  • Replace the medical cone.
  • Alleviate anxiety and help your dog feel safe and confident.

And for a mere 40 dollars you can find out. Not sure anyone's dog has ever thought, "Hey why am I the only one not wearing clothes" But if they did their prayers have now been answered. It could also make you dog a star watch these fur babies on Good Day Sacremento.

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