Avast Ye!

After cancelling what would have been their 15th Annual Pirate Festival celebration,  due to that Scabby Sea Bass of a virus, Covid-19, organizers in Eastport have vowed to put their best heave ho into planning this year's event.

The scuttlebutt is that this year's 16th Annual Eastport Pirate Festival has been scheduled for September 10th, 11th and 12th. According to the Facebook Events Page, "It's always the weekend after Labor Day!"

And me hearties, from the looks of the responses to the news, Eastport better batten down her hatches, as there's bound to be crowds of scallywags converging on the area once September hits!

Festival President, Don Dunbar, says they're looking for a few good buccaneers to help plan this year's festivities:

"Charging onward! The decision has been made to start planning for the 16th Annual Eastport Pirate Festival... Meetings will start next week and any that would like to help out with this great event are encouraged to attend:) A schedule for meetings will be posted soon:) HUZZAH!!!"

For an idea of what to expect at this infamous festival, one must look no further than it's website, eastportpiratefestival.com, to see pictures and videos of past parties. Some featured highlights from the days of yore include a Pirate's Ball, a Rum Barrel Relay Race, a Treasure Hunt and a Pirate Parade, just to name a few.

So Blimey! You'd better make sure to add the Eastport Pirate Festival to your calendar this September, lest ye be called a bilge-sucking, lily-livered, son of a biscuit eater and made to walk the plank!


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