Styrofoam might be on the chopping block here in Vacationland (or are we now calling it Staycationland?)

WMTW-TV is reporting that some Maine lawmakers are seeking a ban on styrofoam products that tend to end up in waterways and landfills across the state.

Many people aren't aware that styrofoam, known industrially as polystyrene, is in fact recyclable, but there are no recycling facilities in Maine. That means that styrofoam needs to be shipped (usually flown) out of state to be processed, and that's usually cost-prohibitive for many businesses.

Lawmakers may consider an outright statewide ban on the material, most commonly used for things like single-use food and beverage containers. Some Mainers are concerned that a total ban would impact operating costs for places like restaurants and small businesses that use styrofoam more often, but other proponents of the ban argue that paper or biodegradable products can be used instead.

What do you think... should Maine ban the use of styrofoam? Let us know in the comments.

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