This gorgeous creamy white lab mix is Skylar.

While Skylar may get a little anxious and nervous around new people, she’s an extremely sweet and clever girl who loves treats and squeaky toys. But hey, who doesn't?

Once she warms up to you, which doesn’t take long, be prepared for kisses!  Yes, Skylar is a very loving girl. She’s simply a sensitive soul from Georgia that needs a bit of patience and compassion, as she’s quick to pick up on signals and vibes from people.

Skylar, SPCA of Hancock County
Skylar, SPCA of Hancock County

She's a young one, at only 2 years old she’s got a long life ahead of her and would love to spend it with a  family of her own. She is quite the prancer in her kennel and dances with nervous energy when you first meet her, but once she settles in, she seems content to enjoy lazy days as well as you do, so the folks at the SPCA of Hancock County think she would do with a wide variety of lifestyles.

We don’t have information yet regarding how she is with cats and dogs, though she hasn’t been bothered by her dog neighbors in the kennel. With a little time and patience and a good dose of love, she is sure to blossom into a very lovely companion.

We're hoping that you may be interested in Skylar, or would possibly know of someone or a family who may be.  Schedule an appointment to meet her in person!  She'll be wearing her Sunday best for you!

As a reminder, the SPCA of Hancock County is still operating by appointment-only for the safety of the animals, as well as visitors and staff. If you are looking to adopt, please check their website where they have an adoption application and the available animals listed. For general inquiries, please call them at 207-667-8088, email, or send them a Facebook message.

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