The weather this Spring has been like a disappointing fair ride.

Ever get on a ride at the fair that looks like it's going to be badass, only to find out it's pretty boring? Last fall, the warm weather just kept coming all the way into the new year. Then February hit and the real winter weather finally set in. When Spring rolled around, all of us were super ready for some warmth. But no...


Instead, we've had little fleeting stretches of warm weather, only to be brought back to reality by Mother Nature and her dysfunctional feelings about Maine. Here we are, mid-June, and we're on Day #5839 of crappy, dreary weather. Sure, we've had a glimpse of the good life here and there, but we've mostly stayed on the rain train.

Some relief is finally on the way.

The upcoming forecast from the National Weather Service in Caribou looks quite promising for us... for a change. This weekend is pretty much useless, as is the start of next week. But as we head toward the end of the week and the weekend, things are looking much happier. And it may even stick around for a minute.


By the time Tuesday comes, we'll be seeing the mid-70's. On Wednesday, we really get cooking. From that point, it's nothing but sunshine and days in the 80's. And it may last for up to a week before we start to see some gnarly, rainy weather again. Even when the rain looks like it might make a small comeback, summer temps will come with it.

Look, I totally get that we live in Maine and there's only so much we can do about the weather. Actually, there's literally nothing we can do about it. But we have such a small window to enjoy it, that we all want to know what's happening day to day. But finally... It looks like summer may finally come and stay a minute.

We'll never be as extreme as some places, but we do ok...

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