We find it hard to believe that such a loving dog is still behind bars.

Sweet Marquis is wondering how she’s been at the shelter since July. The staff at the SPCA of Hancock County in Trenton has confirmed that she’s a very bright girl who is trainable and picks up tricks quickly.  Marquis also loves doing her favorite tricks for treats, like sit pretty, where she'll get up on her tippy toes for you.

Marquis, SPCA of Hancock County
Marquis, SPCA of Hancock County

This caramel and cream pittie has big, soulful eyes that reach out to you and say, “LOVE ME!”  So here's your chance to do so!

Marquis is 3 and a half years old and has separation anxiety. She would love to have a human she can spend most of her days with.

She has a tendency to pick her favorite human out of a group and imprint on them, so this means she might be extra protective of that person. She can be a little shy and finicky and would much prefer to be an only dog. She loves kids but will put them in their place so it may be best to pair her with dog-savvy families.

We're hoping Marquis gets to go home before the holidays!

As a reminder, the SPCA of Hancock County is still operating by appointment-only for the safety of the animals, as well as visitors and staff. If you are looking to adopt, please check their website where they have an adoption application and the available animals listed. For general inquiries, please call them at 207-667-8088, email info@spcahancockcounty.org, or send them a Facebook message.
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