Did you know that 9 million tampons a day are being produced in Auburn? Now that is a significant amount of absorption.

Procter & Gamble, one of the biggest companies in the world owns the Tambrands Plant in Auburn, and they supply feminine care products to at least 46 percent of the North American market.  The Tampax brand is the most popular tampon on the market, and 9 million of those suckers are made right here in Maine every day.

Tambrands recently announced plans for an 11 million dollar expansion at the plant on the Hotel Road in Auburn,  where they will eventually increase the production of their Pearl brand of products.  This is some good news for Maine's economy, for a change.  The expansion should be completed by February and will add three more lines of production to the plant, all which should be up and running by May.  Employment which currently is about 450 people at the factory will stay flat, as other production lines are decommissioned.

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