This poor guy who resides at a animal rescue shelter in Bridgton is in a lot of pain, and animal loving folks from Maine are helping him out by donating funds so that eventually he can lead a pain-free life once again.

Richard is a 15 year-old pony who was surrendered to an Animal Rescue Unit in Bridgton by a dealer. Apparently, the pony has suffered for years with cancer on his penis, and at the time of his surrender the affected area was also very infected.

FUND RAISING PAGE was established with a goal of $4000 and by Wednesday, today, it was up to $5404!  According to a story on the WMTW 8 website, the extra $ will help with Richard's recovery.

Richard still has half of his life to live, and thanks to the generosity of Mainers, we can only hope the second half will be pain-free and very enjoyable for him!


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