According to the US Census there are over 1.33 million Mainers. So out of all of us, who has the most popular surname? According to it's a pretty simple one....Smith. In fact, there are 11,717 people named Smith in the Pine Tree State.

See how your surname stacked up. Here are the Top 10.  Pretty interesting that no French-Canadien surnames made the Top 10. Pelletier made #11. Michaud was #13. And Gagnon was way down at #36.


1) SMITH-11,717

2) BROWN-7,325

3) JOHNSON-5,584

4)  DAVIS-4,897

5) MARTIN-4,112

6) WHITE-3,979

7) CLARK-3,871

8) JONES- 3,563

9) WILLIAMS-3,546

10) ALLEN-3,268

You can check out the Top 100 surnames in Maine. Did you make it?

Well, our names may be pretty normal, but our town names ARE pretty unique!

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