As a rabbit owner with two bunnies I see a fair amount of pooh. I am always joking that I am a bunny lover because they are quiet and their poop doesn't stink.  No lie it doesn't. But little did I know that it was valuable.  Don't believe me look at the EBay add above.  Looks to me like this person made about $740.00 on something I usually throw away.

Mushing on my Bella Bunny
Mushing on my little gold mine Bella Bunny

Now don't get me wrong.  I knew it was good for the garden.  I have even had friends ask me for some for their garden's too.  What I didn't know is that it is worth10 bucks a gallon.  Who'da thunk it.  Guess I may need to think about spreading the love a bit...or in this case the pooh.


In this video question #3 has this guy singing the praises of rabbit poop.

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