Don't miss out on getting your name in the mix!

The deadline to apply for a moose permit is quickly approaching. You have until 11:59PM Monday, May 15 to apply. You can apply online, it's fast and simple. Once completed you'll receive a confirmation email indicating that you successfully entered.

Since 1998, applicants receive bonus points on their name for each consecutive year entered without being drawn. Each bonus point gives you another chance at being selected. The more years someone enters, and isn't selected, the more bonus points are added per-year.

Here's the breakdown:

  • One bonus point is acquired each year for five years.
  • Two per-year for years 6-10,
  • Three per-year for years 11-15
  • 10 per year for years 16 and beyond

In 2011 a rule was enacted that an applicant can skip one year and not loose any acquired points. So if you applied in 2015, but didn't enter last year, you didn't loose your points.

The moose permit drawing is June 17 at Caribou Parks and Recreation.

Good luck!

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