It's not really an April Fools' Day joke, because at The Onion, every day is April Fool's Day!

The Onion, which as dubbed itself "America's Finest News Source," has been doing A+ satire for years. They ride the line between completely ridiculous and totally believable, and sometimes they do it too well. Chances are, you've probably seen someone on social media share a story from The Onion at some point over the years, and they probably thought it was 100% real.

In a story making its way around Facebook, the satirical news site (funny, not fake!) is claiming that Yellowstone National Park's world-famous geyser, Old Faithful, is "being placed on a sixth month loan to Acadia National Park in Maine."

The Onion's humor might be an acquired taste. I've followed them for years, and their depictions of people like Joe Biden and Donald Trump seriously deserve awards. Funny stuff!

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