I have looked into the skies around Bangor from time to time and seen a flock, or as it is officially called a murder, of a hundred crows. And until now I thought we had a lot of crows, I was wrong. The scenes from Nampa, a city in Idaho look straight from a horror film.

To add to the frustration the town must be feeling from these noisy interlopers is the fact that there is noting the law will allow them  or us for that matter to do. Crows are a migratory bird and are therefore protected under the Migratory Bird Act of 1918. What this means for you and me and the people of Idaho is that you can kill them, destroy their nests or keep them as pets.

Still, in a bid to convince them to go elsewhere the residents in Nampa have resorted to pyrotechnics, lasers and drones to try and disrupt the swarm enough that they'll seek quieter places to call home. Only time will tell if their efforts will pay off next year.

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