Ya know, it's funny. Almost a decade ago, I started working with a guy who always seemed to be taking pictures of birds. He didn't really understand why, and he even made jokes about the fact that he was becoming the "old guy that started being really into birds." And I'd laugh and be like "HA! That'll NEVER be me! I have way too many hobbies to care about birds!"

And here I am, at the tail-end of my mid-30s, not only finding myself often staring out the slider door at home at the bird feeder my neighbor set up in their backyard to look at all the birds and animals that surround it, but also writing an article about a bird. Partially because I'm curious, but mostly because I'm fascinated.

Lauri Decato via Facebook

But serious question -- HOW DO YOU NOT GET FASCINATED BY A BIRD THAT MASSIVE?! I mean, like the headline says -- the thing looks like a straight-up pterodactyl! Is Jurassic Park somewhere in New Hampshire near Center Harbor? Is Chris Pratt going to just randomly pop up in our backyards or somewhere like America's Stonehenge in Salem (Canobie Lake, not witches) and be like, "Oh, hey, sorry for ruining your tour, we just have to shoot this scene for Jurassic Park 29 real quick, but I'll sign something after if you want?"

Lauri Decato posted the above picture and another picture of whatever type of bird this is in the u local New Hampshire group on Facebook, asking if anyone knew what type of bird it is. There were A LOT of people that said it's a robin. A gigantic robin. A robin that got into The Incredible Hulk's science lab maybe?

And I mean, in pictures that have been compared to the bird above, it does look like a robin. But have you ever seen a robin THAT GIGANTIC? I mean that thing is MASSIVE. You could put that robin (or whatever it is) on the face of the mountain where the Old Man of the Mountain used to be before he fell, and that bird would be TOO BIG to try and replace the Old Man's face, ya know?

Lauri Decato via Facebook

Nevermind a Robin or a Pterodactyl, that thing looks like a bird Pokemon called a Pidgeot! (Don't ask me why I know that. I played a lot of Pokemon GO when it first came out, including when I brought my little brother to Disney with my cousin, and I caught a Pikachu while I was down there and it was a life highlight. I'm all about the simple things.)

But in all seriousness, do you know what kind of bird this is? IS it a robin?

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