Our Throwback Thursday topic this week is: When you were little, what was it that you most wanted to be when you grew up?

JStew: From about age 5 on, I totally 100% knew I wanted to make a living in music. Of course, as a drummer, my first aspirations were to be a rock star. And with a lot of hard work and determination, i actually kind of achieved that. Well, certainly not a rock star, but I sustained myself playing music and touring for several years. Only to eventually find myself on the other side of the music business, living the dream in radio. Either way, rock & roll is still my job. Can't beat that!!

Cori: There were 3 things that I can remember clearly wanting to be: and ice skater, a gymnast and a stand-up comedian. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with any kind of physical prowess nor even the most basic of hand-eye coordination, so the first two were out entirely. I did perform at one amateur night at a bar in Arizona once. And I didn't bomb, but that's about as close as I've gotten to stand up in my life. I have always liked music. And I did enjoy the idea of working in radio, so I am very grateful to have ended up where I am now. In retrospect, I don't have to wear sparkly leotards, freeze my butt off at an ice-rink or get heckled when my jokes aren't funny--and I'm okay with that!

It was a blast reading all your answers, so let's check them all out!

Bob A truck driver. I became a Marine.

Nichole BurnettSince I was 10 I wanted to be a dump truck driver and last year I finally did at 34 years old 😃

Dennis Bean A FIREFIGHTER!! And thats what i became!
Sandra Lyn I wanted to be a teacher
Sheena Turner Astronaut, Storm chaser (because of the movie Twister),whale trainer (because of free Willy) , and a archeologist (because of Jurassic Park)
Kate Harrington A police officer. (the sexy cop GIF was pretty cool...)
Wendy Clewley A catwalk model. I love fashion. Maybe why everywhere I worked was always retail clothing shops.
Nancy Gildred Nurse
Tim Bouchard Not disabled, that's for sure. (I am, so don't think it was a racist/sadistic comment)
Rob Irwin It was a tie between a tractor trailer driver and a race car driver, well I'm not doing either one of those , BUT I did do a 1 day race car driving school while I was living in Pennsylvania
Kari Jo Davis A marine biologist...I missed that boat
Marianne W. Mills A veterinarian, then a police officer.
Betsy Goodwin I wanted to be a duck, still waiting. Lol
Margaret Siemerling A ballerina!!!
Jen Megquier Astronaut or fighter pilot.
Paul Keezer Forest Ranger...
Cory Plaisted I just wanted to be a worker that supported my family
Shane Sawtelle I wanted to either be the President or a UPS driver.
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