Shark sightings in Maine seem to be on the rise. More cameras on the ocean means more footage of different types of sharks and unique behaviors. Here are the Top 5 Maine Shark Videos.

  • 1

    25 Foot Basking Shark

    Boothbay, Maine
  • 2

    Beached Shark

    Lubec, Maine
  • 3

    Mako Attacks Seal [GRAPHIC]

    York, Maine

    This video is serious - watch with caution.

  • 4

    Face to Face Encounter

    Eastport, Maine

    You do not expect to see this type of underwater footage in Maine. This shark attack happened here.

  • 5

    Diving Outside the Cage

    Port Clyde, Maine

    Blue Sharks are common in Maine waters - and are generally not aggressors.

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