When I was a kid, I thought trains were the best.

As a youngster, I thought I had it made. My grandparents lived on a little side street in Brewer, and the train came right across their street. Over the years, I probably dropped about 3 rolls worth of pennies onto the tracks to get flattened by the passing cars. My cousin and I would drop whatever we were doing if we heard the sound of the whistle.

Over the years, my passing interest was kind of just that. Although, who doesn't love a good train? I have friends who are still super passionate about trains and actually will all but chase them around. I have one friend who will literally drive to all her "hot spots" to see trains she's never seen before.

The Eastern Maine Model Railroad Club keeps the dream alive around here.

Just like my friends, there are tons of people around here who still have that crazy love of trains. Enter: The Eastern Maine Model Railroad Club. With over 1600 members, it's obviously a pretty large group who still get the thrill from the sound of the chugga-chugga choo-choos. If you're one of them, this weekend is for you...

This Saturday, November 19th, the 45th Annual Railroad Show is happening at Jeff's catering in Brewer. From 10:00am - 3:00pm, folks can see all manner of model train, and chat with other enthusiasts about their gear. I love events like this, where everyone is all into the same thing, and everyone you talk to is totally passionate about it too.

It's $5.00 to get in, but that's a pretty cheap date these days. Looks like kids under 12 get in free! You'll spend more on the gas getting to and from, ha!

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