The pandemic ruined everything for a minute.

Well, maybe more than a minute, but slowly things are starting to come back around. I could go on and on, but we all lived it. There's no new and exciting way to describe how we all sat around bored for two years because everything was all mucked up because of Covid. This year, it looks like the good old fashioned flu will be the ruiner. Oh well.

Even through the worst of it, a lot of outdoor activities still thrived. People were out on the slopes skiing and snowboarding, doing their thing. But one thing that really suffered, at least locally, was tubing. Hermon Mountain canceled last year's season, presumably due to Covid. But that's hopefully going to change this year.

Cross your fingers, but it looks like tubing may be back in January.

Last week, I reached out to the folks at Hermon Mountain by email, and their response said they hoped to have the tubing park up and running in January. Of course, Mother Nature will have her say as far as that goes, but we're all hoping it will be the case. If you've never been snow tubing, you are missing out.

It's like the best parts of skiing, but being able to sit down. That's not to say tubing doesn't have its dangers. In fact, you have to sign a release form to participate. But it's no more dangerous than any other activity happening on the mountain. But once you take care of that little bit, you're off to the races. Well, so to speak.

Keep your eyes peeled right after New Years, but right now it looks like Hermon Mountain will be solid for tubing in 2023.

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