GRAPHIC CONTENT.... While this is just a couple of freaky looking insects, the spirit of it is pretty grisly. And I definitely don't suggest eating your lunch while you watch these, but hey..... I know people who eat pasta during slasher flicks.

This week, thanks to the wonders of the internet, we were introduced to the most 2020 insect so far... the murder hornet. And really, the murder hornet seemed to just encapsulate how everyone feels right at the moment. You know what I mean, we haven't even gotten used to ticks trying to kill us this year, and now these jerks.

A little later in the week, another video caught everyone's attention. That video was of a praying mantis eating the brains out of a murder hornet. And it was like the whole internet roared with cheers for the mighty mantis. It was like this mantis was a metaphor for how we felt about everything that's ruined this year so far.

Here's that video:

And I think everyone's first thought was, 'Yeah man! Screw those murder hornets. Thanks to the praying mantis, there's absolutely nothing to fear from these hornets!" But like everything in life, that video is only one side of the story. A quick look on YouTube, finds far more videos of murder hornets winning than the other way around.

Check this video out. The murder hornet stings the snot out of this mantis, and by the end of the video, has chewed it's head clean off. Which is exactly what they do to honey bees. It's just sting, sting, sting... then off with it's head. Again, I know these are just bugs, but it feels more like a UFC to the death.

Anyway, it's kinda like everything these days. there's an evil force trying to keep us down, and we want the quickest fix possible, just to find out we spoke too soon. Whether it's the quarantine, or the stupid snow on the way tonight. No matter what you think the outcome might be, 2020 is just gonna kick you right where it hurts.

Since murder hornets are the critters everyone's talking about, here's how other animals are making out right now too.


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