It's been joked about by many for decades -- cats are actually killers. I mean, look at this picture:

Raquel Pedrotti
Raquel Pedrotti

Tell me that cat isn't straight up plotting murders in its spare time. It's impossible to deny.

But in all seriousness, there are two types of people in the world -- cat people, and everyone else. There's really no middle ground it seems when it comes to cats. People either love them or hate them. And that can't be more apparent in a massive debate happening over two Bangor, Maine cats.

Two cats allegedly wiped out a family of phoebes

According to a post from u/100Dachshunds on Reddit, two cats (who happened to be owned by the neighbors) recently wiped out an entire family of phoebes that had taken residence in the rafters of their covered porch (in their yard that has numerous feeders to the point that u/100Dachshunds described their own house as "a bird house.") After the phoebes built their nest, three little eggs were laid in the nest and the homeowners began watching "like [their] own little reality TV show."

And that's when the murder cats came a-knocking and, according to u/100Dachshunds, took out the entire phoebe family.

Trac Vu
Trac Vu

Should cats in Maine be left inside?

After describing the situation with the neighborhood murder cats, u/100Dachshunds pleaded with Mainers to leave their cats inside. After all, according to the post, "cats kill 2.4 BILLION birds a year just in the USA" and are apparently "driving some species to extinction."

Needless to say, plenty of Mainers had something to say about the situation in general, as well as the plea to restrict outdoor roaming for cats. Some of the comments?

"Those same cats are probably the reason that you don't have a rodent infestation with a whole bunch of bird feeders." - u/Ledge1972


"Mainers: We love nature and want to protect our wildlife. Also Mainers: NO I WILL NOT KEEP MY CAT INSIDE" - u/Antnee83


"For the love of nature, please restrict said nature so it will act less natural. Sure think Karen. I’ll get right on that." - u/Dudeus-Maximus


"I don't get it either. Nobody would ever have a dog with the intention of keeping it inside its entire life. Why do the same with cats?" - u/okpickle


"I keep my cat inside for its own protection. However, please put the tired old urban legend that 'cats are driving birds to extinction' right back up your bottom where you found it." - u/macadamnut

Who's to blame in your opinion? The neighbors since they own the cats? u/100Dachshunds for attracting so many birds to their property? Neither because it's the circle of life?

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