The State of Maine currently holds over $232 million in unclaimed funds. Is any of it yours?

Every year the Maine State Treasury accepts unclaimed funds from numerous businesses and organizations, both national and local, and holds onto them until they are claimed by someone or someone's heir.   You can easily search the database of these funds to see if any are owed to you.

Many things contribute to the loss of funds, stuff like misspelled names and addresses, overpaid bills and dormant accounts.  Over $25 million was submitted to Maine in 2016, and so far this year $18.1 million has been returned to Mainers!

Maine holds onto these funds free of charge.

“Breaking through $18 million in returned funds has been a major accomplishment. We have our sights set on beating that total in FY’18,” said State Treasurer Terry Hayes, “You can help us by searching your name today.”

Give it a try HERE by typing in your name and address, you may be amazed.


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