I have seen this kind of action at my brother's house.  Lucky for him turkeys don't have horns.

One time I was at my brother's house in Brewer a male tom turkey was strolling by the house when he noticed his reflection in a basement window.  I watched as he walked up to the  'other turkey' and began an aggressive fight, yup all by himself. Eventually for fear he would break the window I encouraged him to move along.

I believe this is what is happening in this video too. It must have been a real shock to the Argonics' employees in Colorado Springs to come in and see both doors smashed.  I am sure they went through the office frantically to see what had been taken only to find nothing gone. That is when they pulled up the security video to see something no one had expected.

So what do you think? Did has he read the story of Billy the Kid or has he seen us dressing up his kids in pajamas?

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