I'm a sucker for cool old things.

When I was a teenager, I lived in my grandparent's house on 4th Street in Bangor. It was a big old house with a damp, granite walled basement, and a musty old attic, with two floors of living in between. And honestly, it was the basement and the attic that I was generally most interested in hanging out in.

It seemed no matter how much time I spent there, I always found some little nook or cranny that I'd missed before. Maybe it was growing up in the heyday of Stephen King, but I always looked for reasons for the house to be haunted, since it was built in the 1840's. I always just found myself being more fond of the things about Bangor that were old. The buildings, and some location just fill you with a sense of a different time.

I'm especially a sucker for old photographs of Bangor.

It's funny when, in your lifetime, you get so used to the way a certain section of any given area may look. Like, if you were to stand somewhere on Main Street in Bangor and then compare it to a photo from 100 years ago, it's crazy. Whether it's the clothing, or the background, or the hustle and bustle of Bangor's glory days, seeing how life was different is so incredible.

I took a peek over at eBay and found all kinds of photos of Bangor from old vintage postcards. Some of them are old enough that they're not even photos. They're an artistic rendering of iconic locations around town. Either way, it's a really interesting look at they way life used to be here in the Queen City.

Here's 20 awesome postcards showing the life and times of Bangor's past.

Vintage Bangor Postcards

It's a super cool blast from the past.

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