H & S Spirits is right on Route 1 in Harrington, at 1363 Main Street.

The grand opening will be Saturday and Sunday, with tasting events.

And you can find their products now available in Maine stores. Here’s a link to help in your search

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Maybe the reason that H & S are the first in Downeast Maine to open a distillery is because one just doesn’t open something like that. As you can well imagine the legal aspect of getting all your paperwork in order for the Federal government might have some changing their minds about starting a business involving spirits.

Myron Spaulding is the S of H & S and I asked him if this was a lifelong dream and he said

The process of getting the legal issues in order began over 18 months ago, so it feels like a lifetime

Myron also points out if your hobby is furniture making, you make furniture. If it is working on cars, you work on cars. But if it’s operating a still,

That’s illegal. You can’t just do it as a hobby

Myron, you might know as the owner and operator of Swamp Yankee Bar B Q. They participated at the Bangor Food Truck festival Beats and Eats. If you encountered Myron at one of those you know he’s a very personable guy.

With Swamp Yankee only keeping Myron busy during the summer, the distillery will now keep him busy during the winter, but the plan is to keep Swamp Yankee Bar B Q going again next summer.

About the name, H & S Spirits, Myron Spaulding Is the S and his wife, and Harrington Maine native Linda Hammond is the H. When I asked Myron if he first suggested S & H as a name instead of H & S, he said:

I know better

The blueberries and cranberries used in their process come from Harrington too. Another source of pride.


The open house is 21+ and will be 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on October 1st and 2nd at H & S in Harrington.

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