Ski lift attendants mostly broke her fall by using a catch mat.

Well this wasn't how a nice day on the slopes was supposed to go, but things do happen.

Yesterday, while loading onto the "Snubber", which is a triple chair lift that transports skiers up Sugarloaf mountain, a young 8 year-old girl somehow became unseated during the loading process while getting aboard along with her mother.

Eagle-eyed chair lift attendants saw this and immediately stopped the lift and ran underneath from where the girl was now dangling down towards the ground some 20 to 25 feet below.  The lift attendants with help from others tightly held onto what's called a catch mat, and then motioned for the young girl to let go.

While still wearing her skis and more importantly her helmet, the girl lets go and falls from the chair lift and unfortunately hits the catch mat just a little off center, but the mat mostly breaks her fall.  The video then shows the girl lying motionless on the ground while being attended to by medics and others.

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The good news is that she was conscious and alert, but complaining of back pain while being attended to by medics, as reported by  A spokesperson for the Sugarloaf Ski Resort told, "but due to a preexisting medical condition paramedics from NorthStar Ambulance elected to take the extra precaution of calling a LifeFlight helicopter.”  The girl was transported to Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor.


Posted by Scott Houston on Wednesday, February 10, 2021

We truly wish the best to this young girl and her family and wish her all the best in her recovery from yesterday's scary incident.

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