No, this past weekend's snow that blanketed eastern Maine didn't stop this goose parade!

For a few years now we've taken the pleasure of following Kirsten Lie-Nielsen at Hostile Valley Farm on Instagram. Kirsten seems like the ultimate rock 'n roll homesteader to us, always posting something interesting as she and her partner renovate a 200-year-old homestead and live off the land in the small town of Liberty in Waldo County.

We've laughed at Saffron and Nutmeg, the two huge Tamworth pigs on the farm, as they root around and pretty much rototill the land there for planting, and actually sit for a treat.  We've enjoyed photos and stories of goats, ducks, sheep, dogs, gardening, cooking in the kitchen, and we've taken notice of how hard both owners work surviving on the land and what it has to offer.

But we have to admit that the latest video generated quite a few laughs and made us watch from beginning to end in amazement, as 22 geese paraded out of the barn and across the snow-covered lawn on their way to work for the day.

Especially the big guy taking up the rear.  Now he's a hoot.

Of course, the Heigh-Ho marching music is courtesy of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and really has nothing to do with the holidays, but with the new-fallen snow and the time of day that the video was filmed in, it seems to have a Christmas like feel to it for some reason.

By the way, if you would like to try to recreate this scene, Ms. Lie-Nielsen has a few words of advice on raising geese here in Maine.

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