So there you are sitting a top a horse, and suddenly it's a showdown.  Which way do you go?  We know what we'd do!

Pretty intense video here as a woman on horseback somewhere on a wooded trail encounters a huge bull moose!  To say that both the woman and the horse are concerned is pretty much an understatement, especially if you go by the ferocity of the horse's breathing.

In the end we think that the rider ended up going in the right direction, the other way!

We can't honestly tell you which animal is faster but our $ would be on the horse,because it looked and sounded pretty frightened, which had to add on another 10 mph or so.

Now some old ranch hands may say that the rider made an error by backing down to the moose and that she should have treated it like a cow and showed it who's boss.  Newsflash - cows don't have a rack of antlers like that bull moose!

So we agree with the rider and we'd haul ass in the other direction.  Yes that's right, we have no shame. We just want to live and rock another day.




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