The beauty of nature was recently displayed off the coast of Washington County.

Wow, now here's something that you don't see on the streets of Bangor, an Orca killer whale in all its glory.

The video was recently taken and then posted to Facebook by Alan Beam, a fisherman who hauls catch off the coast of Cutler by Machiasport.  The short clip shows the Orca cresting the water while being hounded by hovering seagulls overhead.

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The killer whale, or orca, is a member of the dolphin species and will feed off of other fish including dolphins, which it was probably in hunt of. Killer whales can be found in all of the world's oceans, including the North Atlantic.

One good thing to know is that there has never been a documented instance of a wild killer whale attacking a human being, although there have been instances at marine theme parks where they've been held in captivity and of course out of their element.

Fishermen in the area and those in Canada in both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia have been familiar with a killer whale that they call 'Ol Tom, who they have spotted feeding off of dolphins in the past. Killer whales usually travel in groups called pods, but the spottings over the years in that area have always been of only one whale.

It had to be a special thrill for Mr. Beam and his fishing crew to come across a killer whale in its natural habitat, one that the rest of us are truly envious of.

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