It's not time to go sleepy poo just yet.

Watch this video posted to Facebook by our friends at Real World-New Hampshire, who have become infamous for placing game cameras in the woods with amazing results.  It features mama bear and her two cubs rummaging through the already snow covered woods of the White Mountains.

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife's website tells us that as long as there's still food available, bears will be on the move in the late fall and into the early winter, before finding their favorite place to hibernate.

Maine black bears can live up to the age of 30.  If a bear makes it past two years of age, it has a 90% chance of surviving. Most black bear deaths here in Maine are human related.

If you come across bears in the Maine woods, experts say that the best thing to do is not interact or run away from them!  Stand still until you're noticed, then make yourself as big as you can while making all sorts of noise to hopefully scare them away.


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