We've featured Sunflower Farm Creamery in the PAST, a Nigerian dwarf farm located in Cumberland, Maine. These folks know their miniature dairy goats very well!  According to their SITE, they know their goat's favorite treats and even where each one likes to be scratched!

Check out the Farm's live Barn webcams!  They also invite you to the farm any Friday through Sunday between 10AM and 6PM to see the goats for yourself.

Meanwhile goat cuteness is once again ruling the internet!  Here's one uploaded back on April 17th that features a ten of the farm's kids throwing themselves a pajama party!  Dang, ain't they just filled with giddy sweetness!

Here's another one uploaded this past Monday, it features Mildred, just a little over a week old, prancing around the farm's house with Rex the pug.  Mildred has quite the story to tell.  She almost didn't make it into this world, but with a whole lot of attention and love from the farm's owners, she's now loving life!  Good for her!

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