Well, here's something that doesn't happen everyday, even in Alaska.

Check this out: Kyle Stultz was awaken this past Wednesday morning at 1:30 when the doorbell kept ringing, but when he finally got around to answering the door, no one was there. Spooky.

Was the neighborhood kids messing with him?  Was it another Alaskan earthquake?


After reviewing the home's security video footage, It was a huge bull moose out there on his doorstep, and it was backing it's even bigger butt into the doorbell.

You may want to turn the sound down on this video, as it's quite a collision between that big furry butt and the microphone on the security camera.

We're wondering if the moose left something special on the front door mat, and if Kyle had an even bigger surprise when he stepped onto it.  Phew....that's ripe.


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