Yes, you read that correctly.

Reddit just might be my favorite form of social media. Pretty much anything goes on that site, and the Maine-themed Reddit page is full of content that keeps me entertained just about every day.

A Reddit user named “r/AbsoluteUnits” posted a crazy video of a Maine lobster (that he was no doubt about to eat) helping make a drink for him.

Armed with a bottle of Casamigos tequila, the guy who made the video places a lime wedge into the claw of a lobster, who then squeezes it into the waiting drink glass, which of course is perfectly placed to accept it.

Many props and kudos to this gentleman for being very creative when preparing an evening cocktail. It's always helpful to have a lobster do you a solid before you throw it in the pot.

Check out the comments from this thread:

·5 hr. ago
that’s a bottle of tequila..

·5 hr. ago
That's just wrong making your dinner fix you a drink.

·2 hr. ago
Big lobsters are just as delicious as small ones.

·3 hr. ago
My favorite drink. Classy lobster.

·4 hr. ago
5-6 lbs or so?

·46 min. ago
In mid-coast Maine, lobstermen know "a guy" who will drive those big ones down to New Hampshire so they can be sold legally.

·3 hr. ago
Is this my purpose in life ?

·1 hr. ago
When I was a teenager my right arm was probably bigger than my left one too…

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